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Megan Adams

The High Tech 3D Printing and Food Industry Innovations

3D printing is being used in more and more areas, as the technology continues to become more affordable and more accessible. Here we will take a look at the ways in which it is changing the food industry.

One incredible use of 3D printing in the food industry is helping the elderly who have difficulty chewing food. Food is mashed up and reformed so it still looks like the real food we eat, making it more appetizing than purees. The food has a jelly like texture after being ‘printed’ and is totally safe for those who have problems with chewing, swallowing or digesting solid foods.

3D printing can also help make dishes more nutritious and can help prevent overeating. It’s thought that the technology could soon be capable of creating meals with exactly the right amount of fat, protein and calories, tailor-made to the individual’s needs.

However, 3D printing is quite slow, so it will need to become faster if it is going to be more widely used. The food has to be cooked and cooled before even starting the 3D process, meaning it’s a lot more time consuming than just cooking a dish. However, it is thought that these machines will last longer than traditional technology – perhaps up to 30 years. This is great for reducing the environmental impact of feeding more and more people.

If you are looking for a 3d printer under 1000 for your food business, you might just be able to afford the Foodini. This amazing machine can be used to ‘print’ food into beautiful designs, which is sure to make your restaurant or café unique. You can also make any shape you want, which is great for encouraging children to eat healthy – you could print broccoli into the shape of a dinosaur!…