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Megan Adams

How the Tech Industry Is Attracting More and More Women

Some say the tech world belongs to the man and that women play a very little role there. Although this true that the number of women in the tech field is very low compared to other industries, the tech industry is seeing an increasing number of women in the recent past. While the reason behind this is partly that more and more women are being motivated to enter this competitive sector, another major reason is that the tech industry itself is doing its share of work to attract more and more women to be a part of this huge and complex network. Some of the ways by which the tech industry is achieving this are by the following methods.

  1. Companies are now reviewing all resumes that they think are equally qualified without discriminating them based on gender. This is giving women a chance to land themselves a job in the tech field if they are found to be eligible.
  2. Some of the companies such as Google are now offering on-site childcare or daycare facilities to kids of employees who work for them. This comes as a huge relief for working women who often are in dilemma to quit working post delivery. Moreover, since childcare is very expensive, in-house crèches are like affordable Gucci bags that all women can get their hands on.
  3. Some tech companies are also changing the way they conduct business to attract and retain women in their workforce by introducing the concept of retraining to women who wish to return to the tech field after a sabbatical.
  4. Further, some companies have found to include beneficial maternity rights and privileges just to ensure that they return to their jobs.
  5. Companies are now using digital media to encourage more women to be a part of the tech world through female role models.
  6. Moreover, companies are also taking strict action to ensure women safety at work. Exploitation and harassment of women have now become a serious offense that could result in job termination.
  7. Companies are also making sure that women are not discriminated against the salary they receive over to their male counterparts.