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The ultimate Guide: Preventing High-Tech Fraud

There is no doubt that credit cards have made life a lot easier and the pockets a lot lighter but they have made lives a lot riskier to thanks to the increase in credit card frauds. With online shopping taking over a majority of our shopping the risks have become steeper and higher.

Thankfully this guide will help you spot frauds and prevent it to the best extent possible but not avoid altogether because fraudsters are learning new ways of beating the system.

How to keep a watch?

First and foremost, you must turn off the autopay in your card and make a conscious effort to keep track of all your purchases. When you do it on a regular basis you will be able to spot any discrepancies immediately and report to the bank authorities at once.

Next look out for purchases that you don’t recall however small and from regions or shops, you do not frequent. This could mean that someone is testing the waters and if you are found inattentive they will strike big.

How to prevent fraud

To begin with, always reconcile your bank statement each month to ensure that your expenditure tallies your actual purchase. While you can prevent physical credit card by keeping your card in view all the time it is being used and tearing up all wrong receipts and carbon copies, all high-tech fraud takes place online.

Always ensure that you are shopping only on reliable sites. Never click on links from unknown sources even if it comes on your email. Another must-do step is to ensure that the address bar of the website always carries a green padlock and starts with https://.

Make sure your antivirus is up to date on your personal laptop or pc and as far as possible do not use your card on public WIFI.

The time is right for introducing video kyc services such as Fully Verified prevent unsuspecting customers from falling prey to high tech fraudsters.…

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How Finance Is Being Taken Over by Technology

Technology is everywhere. From the moment you wake up, there are so many little things you do with the dependence on technology without even realizing it. The influence of technology on the finance sector is now being the hot topic of discussion as there is a lot of friction on every side. Heavy dependence on technology would involve the active collection of a lot of information. Customers are hesitant to provide too much information to a bot or an online tool. Banks and other financial institutions are worried about the security concerns. Even in such a situation bot trading platforms, trading automation tools, robot advisors are slowly making heads turn. For more information on the various facets of finance and the use of technology in finance, visit

The threat for the jobs

Some are viewing technology as a threat for the jobs in the finance sectors. There are chatbots used by the financial institutions to handle customers in place of the customer care teams. There are robot advisors providing investment advice. But the one thing that we should remember is that these bots and other tools are only designed to be a good assistant to the existing employees. There might be shifts in responsibilities and not job cuts due to this domination of technology in the finance sector.

Bot trading

Cryptocurrency system made headlines as more and more people started using these digital currencies to make payments and as trading instruments. Now for crypto trading as well as trading in the conventional markets like equity market and forex market, there are trading bots being deployed. These bots can perform a technical analysis of the assets being studied and place an order based on the conclusion drawn from the analysis.

Banks are relying on mobile apps

Mobile banking is the simplest form in which technology is ruling the finance sector. A majority of the bill payments, fund transfers, and transaction monitoring are today done with the help of mobile apps.…

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How New Technology is helping help People Save Money on their Loan

I bet you will definitely not overlook any avenue that would lighten your burden in any aspect of life. Such avenues are meant to be tapped into without ado. And when it comes to loan; the obvious fact remains that no one loves to find him-/her- self in the murky waters of indebtedness but circumstancesdo leave us somewhat helpless leaving with no other option. So, when we have a means of saving money on the loans we must have acquired, we cannot help but pay attention to such.

And technology has indeed been helpful in regards to how we can now save money on loans. As it has made obtaining of loans easy, so is it helping individuals repay their loans without fuss.

Means of saving money on loan

I shall henceforth briefly look at two different means through which you can save money on your loan.

  • Lenda’s Customer Focused Service: Lenda does not only provide mortgage to its customers, it also [through its technology] helps them make smart financial decisions which culminate in saving some extra cash. Lenda’s site has been well equipped [technologically] to ensure that customers are able to maximize the money saving option.
  • Auto-Payments: By activating the auto-pay feature on Sallie Mae, SoFi, and a couple of loan servicing sites; students [as well as other borrowers] are able to save some money on their loans by getting some discount on the interest charge that was set on the loan.

There are some relevant information you will find on this discourse at  While there, you will be able to access a rich supply of financial information that could help you make viable decisions on how you can save money on your loans. The array of virtual financial instruments on the site is really helpful.…