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Megan Adams

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives Forever

Life without technology seems impossible. Technology has come a long way in changing our lives and how we used to do our daily activities. These life quotes let you understand the effect of technology today

Technology has helped us to discover new things and changed how we live. Here are five ways in which technology has changed our lives.

Virtual chat

The days of writing letters or picking up your landline phone to call your loved ones are long gone. Today is the age of virtual chats and video calling which is now possible with technology. Within a matter of seconds, our messages get delivered to the recipient sitting in any corner of the world. You also can see and speak to someone at any part of the globe.

Sharing information and advertising

The traditional ways of sharing information or advertising products have become passe. Today newspaper adds and pamphlets do not let business get as many clients as by advertising on the internet. There are social media sites and pages where the business can also get to target the right set of customers.

Viewing the television

From the stage when we were dependent on what the TV channels would broadcast for us to today when we can choose what we want to see and when we want to see, TV viewing has changed a lot because of technology. You are totally free to watch what you want just by connecting to the internet.


Paperback books have been replaced by reading books online. It makes storing books easy and you can also read on the go. All that you need is a device to help you to read your favorite book.


Making a list and running from one shop to the other to shop for your weekly groceries and necessities is now passé. Online shopping has made life easier. Here one can shop for anything at any time and get the product delivered to them right at their door.

Technology has indeed changed the way we see the world today.…