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Megan Adams

How to Choose the Best Automatic Dog Feeder for Your Pet

A happy pet has very few requirements, a loving family, a cozy house, enough attention, and a healthy diet. Along with food the dogs need some comfortable bedding so that they can rest, check out this Top Rated German Shepherd Beds. Feeding your dog a healthy well balanced and appropriate measure of food is very important for the pet’s well-being. Maintaining the feeding timetables, making sure the dog eats the right quantity of food can be a challenging task. The incorrect quantity of food can lead to various health issues like overfeeding can result in obesity whereas underfeeding can lead to a lack of proper supplements. The best option to avoid these situations is using automatic dog feeders that can not only feed your dog when you are not around but also help in feeding measured portions at scheduled timings. Check out these points before you choose the best automatic dog feeder for your pet.

1) Food type: Automatic dispensers can be used for dry and wet food types. The gravity automatic dispensers usually work only for dry food type. But if you want to use the feeder for feeding wet ingredients for your dog, you can choose dispensers that come with lids. The lids for these dispensers open when it’s feeding time; it is the best choice for fussy eaters or pets with restrictive diets.

2) Size of the feeder: Each dog is unique and needs a different portion of food, so it is important to feed your dog the correct measure of food. Before you buy an automated food dispenser, consider how much food your dog might need. You can consult with the vet to understand your pet’s food intake based on its size, breed, age and health requirements and choose the right size food dispenser accordingly.…