Who and what is not obsessed with fashion? Hence, it is only natural that technology to has caught up on the fashion frenzy. It should not come as a surprise that big tech companies like Apple, Amazon, IBM, and Google are all hands up to pitch in their technological advances into the field of fashion to make it more fascinating and interesting for shopaholics. Each of them is trying very hard to engrave a name for themselves in this niche.

Here is a look at how some of the biggest tech companies are trying hard to bridge the existing gap between fashion and technology with the hopes of seeing both these fields as one someday in the near future.

  • One inspiring example includes Project Jacquard, which is powered by Google. It is presently coming up with innovative means that are transforming clothing in such a way that your clothes will now allow you to do whatever you want it to do. You think of something and your clothes will perform it for you. It is a new sophisticated system that is embedding technology into clothing fabric and other interactive surfaces.
  • The next big thing is the “smart” tags. For instance, Apple’s smartwatches are enabling people to track their own movements, which will help them plan their physical activities.
  • Amazon is not far behind either. With Amazon’s voice-controlled cameras and interactive shopping experience, the Company is taking the fashion world like a storm.
  • In addition, big fashion labels like Levis and Channel, and fashion designers like Zac Posen and Karl Lagerfeld have all expressed their interest in making their products with a touch of technology, for instance, the 3D printed tops. They feel it will change the marketplace and consumer buying behavior

Technology in the fashion industry can be seen as breathing life into lifeless forms. Therefore, just sit back and enjoy what the future will unfold but until then grab the latest trends using promos from Couponobox. Do not feel left out.