There are many experiments going on that will enable us to have self- driving cars sooner than expected. Though there have been some crashes and accidents in the recent past that involved this driver – fewer cars, but the research is going on to ensure these cars a reality soon enough. These cars will not only change the way we travel but these vehicles will change the entire scenario of the cities and the in some ways our lives will be completely different.

  1. People may try to move to hire cars than buying vehicles. It will make more sense to hire a car and use it for some time than buying one that becomes obsolete soon. These cars will have different features and it will make sense not to buy cars. Similarly, if you want to buy some spare parts, then it makes sense to go to, where you can buy second-hand spare parts making the deal very cost effective.
  2. Just like cab aggregating services, hiring cars may provide cost-effective services and many options will be available from small cars to bigger vehicles. People with special needs would be able to use them easily.
  3. Driverless cars will be more precise and efficient. This will help the traffic to be more regulated and disciplined. The cars will help pedestrians and people with special needs to have more access to the roads and allow pedestrians to cross road easily.
  4. The infrastructure of the cities and urban areas will change. Less polluting vehicles and better traffic management will make our cities better places to live.
  5. With better-controlled vehicles, calamities will also decrease and fatalities and disabilities owing to vehicular accidents will decrease significantly.
  6. The time spent on driving will be saved and humans can use this time to do something more significant for them. This could be doing some work to making time for their family, but people will have more time with these vehicles.

Driverless or self-driving cars is an invention which will soon be a reality and is already changing the thought process of people. There is a lot of positive expectation from this innovation and people are expecting this phenomenon to change the urban scenario and their lives forever.